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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

26 December, 2012

4 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Below are foods to avoid during pregnancy, in fact, two of the foods I wouldn’t put down my throat at all and the other 2 I would only eat in very small amounts. If you don’t want to struggle with how to lose weight after pregnancy, know the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 1: Processed Soy

Yes, the same soy that’s been hailed as a “health food” by the multi billion dollar soy industry! Ladies, it is just a marketing ploy! In fact, soymilk, isolated soy protein, and tofu are just as good as junk foods.

You see, the excess estrogenic compounds in processed soy only help increase belly fat instead of lose belly fat!

A small amount of unprocessed soy, such as edamame (organic), is probably ok and small quantities of fermented soy like tempe, natto, and miso are ok too as the fermentation reduces the anti-nutrients packed in soy. Minimize or completely eliminate most other forms of soy, including soybean oil (which is in almost all processed foods and commercial salad dressings) AND soy protein!

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 2: Wheat

This is a tough one I know, given the amount of staple diet products made from the stuff but the truth is that a great percentage of the total population has at least some degree of intolerance to digesting wheat, particularly the high gluten content thereof.

Although most people aren’t Celiacs (who need to avoid wheat entirely), the majority of people would find improvements to their health and body by eliminating wheat. So, in helping yourself avoid piling the pounds on during your pregnancy, avoid wheat. It can be done easily if you chose to prepare your own food at home particularly during this period.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 3: Soda

This is the first of the foods to avoid during pregnancy that I highly recommend you NEVER consume (including any sweetened drinks and commercial FRUIT juices)!

If you care about your body at all, there’s just no reason to consume soda in any amount, even after the pregnancy! Soda is pure sugar (or worse, high fructose corn syrup), has ZERO nutrition, and has many other issues related to the additives, acids, etc.

In addition, the consumption of this calorically-dense but nutritionally-absent liquid actually makes your body crave more food, because you consumed calories without consuming any nutrients. It also spikes your blood sugar out of whack causing wild blood sugar swings and additional cravings, something youl’d want to avoid during pregnancy.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 4: Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried foods contain a lot of trans fats! Deep fried foods like french fries, corn chips, and donuts are not to be eaten during this momentous period of your life, period! Instead of fried foods, you need to eat foods that burn belly fat.

If you study some of the biochemical reactions that take place in the body of humans after consuming trans fats, you would realize this is essentially a poison, not a poison that’s going to kill you immediately, but a poison that causes inflammation throughout the body, and even detrimentally affects all of your cell membranes (remember from bio101 that your cell membranes need fats for their composition, and trans fats disrupt healthy cell membranes).

You have to view trans fats as the poison that they really are and realize the importance of avoiding them completely, particularly during pregnancy, when your body is supposed to pile on good fats to nurture your unborn star… and to stop poisoning their kids too by allowing them to eat deep fried foods (especially important for kids to avoid trans fats since it can impair development). Now that you know what foods to avoid during pregnancy, learn more at:

About Author: Frank Girard (14 Posts)

Frank Girard is a health educator and expert in the field of weight loss and dieting. He has over 10 years of experience in writing obesity-related articles in various magazines and blogs.

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