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Foods That Burn Belly Fat

26 December, 2012

Are there really foods that burn belly fat that also teach your system how to increase metabolism? Yes! By eating the right foods, you can trick your body into burning through its extra fat. Our ‘diets for quick weight loss‘ article will help steer you away from the wrong foods.

Here are some of the tastiest and most convenient foods that burn belly fat, that will also help you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks:

Foods That Burn Belly Fat: Citrus

When you were young and you felt a cold coming on, your mother probably told you to take lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a popular immunity booster, but it has a secret talent as well: It’s one of the best foods that burn belly fat fast! Vitamin C boosts your fat-burning power in two ways. First, you have always wanted to know how to increase metabolism right? Vitamin C speeds up the process of fat metabolism whilst also having an effect on fat storage. The citric acid breaks down fat molecules, making them less likely to accumulate and more likely to be flushed from the body. Read the ‘apple cider vinegar‘ article for an additional, reliable mechanism of fat molecule breakdown.

Due to their Vitamin C content, citrus fruits rank highly among fat burning foods. Try adding a variety of citrus fruits to your diet, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes. It’s better to eat the whole fruit than to drink the juice, because the fruit contains fiber – another fat-fighter. Don’t fancy fruit? Tomatoes are also fat burning foods. Use fresh tomatoes in your homemade sauces for metabolic boost.

Foods That Burn Belly Fat: Ginger

Ginger is another tangy fat-burner. It is also a vasodilator, which means that it opens up the blood vessels and improves blood circulation. This can result in a significant boost to the metabolism. In fact, studies suggest that people who eat ginger may lose as much as 20% more fat than their peers.
Ginger and citrus flavors complement each other well, especially in Asian dishes. Experiment with this exotic blend, and you can lose weight without ever feeling deprived.

Foods That Burn Belly Fat: Oatmeal and Whole Grains

Nothing starts your day off right like a warm bowl of oatmeal. That’s because oatmeal is high in fiber, which stabilizes blood glucose levels and prevents crashes and fatigue. Oatmeal is thick and satisfying, and you can add non-fat milk for an even bigger fat-burning advantage. (Calcium and fiber are proven fat burning foods.)
The carbs in oatmeal provide a quick rise in energy to help you wake up faster. But the carbs are complex and get digested slowly, which keeps your energy up and your appetite low for hours after breakfast. As an added bonus, oatmeal lowers cholesterol, too!

Foods That Burn Belly Fat: Nuts and Beans

Nuts and beans are nutritious foods that burn belly fat that also keep your appetite in check for long stretches. Like oatmeal, nuts and beans contain fiber that kick-starts your metabolism. Unlike oatmeal, they also contain a significant amount of protein. Protein is vital for building lean muscle mass, which burns calories faster than fat tissue.

Foods That Burn Belly Fat: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been recommended by doctors for its heart health benefits as it contains unsaturated fat that increases the number of high-density lipids in the bloodstream. These lipids, also known as “good cholesterol”, or HDL, sweep bad cholesterol from the arteries. By substituting olive oil for butter and margarine, you can actually lower your bad cholesterol and assist you in how  to increase your metabolism.

About Author: Frank Girard (14 Posts)

Frank Girard is a health educator and expert in the field of weight loss and dieting. He has over 10 years of experience in writing obesity-related articles in various magazines and blogs.

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